Vinnie Bacon's Personal Websites

Over the years I've put together a few websites. Here they are:

My Bird Photos

I created this a while ago to learn Java/MySQL programming and to show off my bird photography. I recently converted the site into a Drupal/PHP site. I finally processed the last several years of photos I have and entered those.

Hockey Family

While we're not so much of a 'hockey family' now, I got this domain name a while ago and it's just fine for showing family photos.


Vinnie and Jenny's Garden Blog

Jenny said that I should write down what's working and what's not working in our garden. I figured it wasn't much harder to just put it in a blog. I haven't put much effort into the blog of late but I'll try and start doing so.

Vinnie's Campaign Page

I ran for Fremont City Council in 2012 and won. My term goes through 2016. I don't have an official page for my Council seat. The best I have is my campaign page. I do occasionally (ok rarely) post things to the campaign web page blog.

Bacon Creative Computing

Between my job at Save the Bay and being a Fremont City Council member I manage to keep pretty busy. But I have done a few smaller consulting jobs. This site will basically be my resume once I get around to completing it.